This program will help you confidently discuss cannabis, its history, plant variety, cultivation, pharmacology, and regulation with customers, clients, or other healthcare professionals. You will learn the benefits and risks of cannabis and understand its potential place in health and wellness.

The Foundation of Cannabinoid Medicine is brought to Trinity by PIVITAL EDU, the leader in cannabis education. This course equips you with in-depth training in the historical context and the scientific knowledge you need to discuss cannabis in a healthcare or retail setting. Educate yourself to provide the best-informed care for your clients or customers and understand the role that cannabis might play within your recommendations.

The Certified Endocannabinoid Professional program includes CBD Smart, which is designed for a range of professionals, consumers, retailers, and educators. In this lecture, you will be equipped to understand CBD, how it's made, the endocannabinoid system, and how to legally discuss CBD products with clients or customers.

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Upon completion of this program, you may work as a Certified Endocannabinoid Professional with your certificate from Trinity. You may also board certify with the following accreditors and choose an additional title.

  • American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP) — Board Certified Endocannabinoid Professional or Board Certified Natural Wellness Practitioner
  • American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches (AANWC) — Board Certified CBD Coach

What You Will Learn

  • History, science, and pharmacology of cannabis
  • Botany of cannabis and how it is processed for healthcare use
  • Cannabis use, in both medicinal care and self-directed care
  • The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and its role in human physiology

Demonstrate. Learn. Transform.

Our courses are delivered through the online learning management system, Canvas. Students receive lecture material in the form of voiced PowerPoint presentation, video, or reading assignment. Progress is documented in weekly quizzes.
Estimated time of completion: 4-8 Weeks

Estimated time of completion: 4-8 Weeks

Pay in Full: $300

Make a one-time payment of $300.
Canvas access to weekly modules is included in your tuition.
No additional textbooks or supplies are needed for this program.

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