Preparation for ANWPB Board Certification Exam

Title ImageDescription:  This course is designed to prepare candidates who wish to pursue board certification through the American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board (ANWPB). Upon successful completion of the online examination, the board offers the following titles, and many others, suited to the applicant's qualifications:
  • BCND (Naturopathic Doctor)
  • BCDNH (Doctor of Natural Health)
  • BCDHH (Doctor of Holistic Health)
  • BCDFH (Doctor of Functional Health)
There are three sections of the exam:
  1. Compulsory - general knowledge; nutrition; anatomy and physiology; history of natural health/naturopathy; ethics and legalities of practice. (approximately 100 randomized questions)
  2. Modalities - topics include: Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine/FTN, Iridology, Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy, MRT/Kinesiology and Herbology (approximately 100 randomized questions)
  3. Case Study Assessments - short cases requiring correct identification of key information and issues (three to five randomized cases)
We recommend registering for the exam at the ANWPB website. On the website, select ANWPB (Exam) Details. Upon registration with the ANWPB, you will receive $50 off of the Trinity School Board Prep Course, making your investment $245. This must take place in the proper sequence.
  1. Register for the exam with the ANWPB.
  2. THEN follow the link provided by the ANWPB to sign up for the prep course, using your valuable discount!

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