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Description: Trinity Health Freedom Expo is the premiere health freedom and natural health event that brings together the top speakers and exhibitors in the wellness industry. This Lecture on Demand series features the 2022 Trinity Health Freedom Expo presentations. These lectures discuss current healthcare trends and protecting your health freedom to make the best choices for you and your family.

  • 2022 Health Freedom Panel
  • The Future of Cannabis Discussion Panel
  • 2022 Electronic Smog Panel
  • Symposium with Dr. Bradley Nelson The Emotion Code
  • Jonathan Emord Defeating the Greatest Threats to Liberty
  • Jeffrey Adam Use of Silver in Natural Health and Medicine
  • Joni Abbott Doing Whatever It Takes
  • Robert Scott Bell More Healing at the Speed of Copper, Silver, Hydrogen and Nitric Oxide
  • Melinda Muscroft Resolving the Root Cause of Any Illness
  • Marcie Friesner Freedom From Toxic Thoughts
  • Dr. Paul Tai How to Reverse and Overcome Symptoms of Fatigue
  • Dr. Blache Grube The Dangers of Common Dental Procedures
  • Diane Miller Shaping Laws to Protect Health and Healing Rights
  • Dr. Paul Tai Stay Younger, Feel Stronger & Live Longer
  • Dr. Carolyn Gross Health Ninjas Rise Above The Chaos!
  • Dr. Mark Zumhagen Overcoming the Scientific Dictatorship
  • Bryan Jones The Healing Powers of Carbon-Based Mycelium
  • Todd Frisch Your FACE Doesn't Lie
  • Sarah K. Grace The Current State of 911
  • Paul Barattiero Healing with Hydrogen
  • Lourdes and Chris Lavoy Option C: The Freedom To Choose
  • Dr. Beverly Rubik Wireless Communication Radiation Health Impacts and Practical Solutions
  • Morley Robbins Sugar is White Iron!
  • Dr. David Martin Six Lessons We Haven't Learned from COVID-19
  • Dan Burton Dangers of Mercury in Vaccinations and other Treatments
  • Dr. Bradley Nelson Discovering Health with The Body Code
  • Dr. Brian Hooker What Does the Science Say?
  • Scott Schara How Those Caring for Your Loved Ones Are Killing Them
  • Stanford Graham The Missing Link
  • Ty Bollinger Propaganda EXPOSED!
  • Sam and Kit Russell Everyday Cosmetics and the Chronic Disease Epidemic
  • Jonathan Emord Rebirthing Freedom and Progress to Overcome America's House Divided
  • Dr. Tracy Teclaw and Dr. Jaime Doise Why Information and Energy Are The Key to Health
  • Erin Elizabeth Censorship 2.0
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell A Basis For the Healthiest, Simplest Dietary Lifestyle

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