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Description: Trinity Health Freedom Expo is the premiere health freedom and natural health event that brings together the top speakers and exhibitors in the wellness industry. This Lecture on Demand series features the 2023 Trinity Health Freedom Expo presentations. These lectures discuss current healthcare trends and protecting your health freedom to make the best choices for you and your family.

  • 2023 Health Freedom Panel
  • Complementary and Alternative Health Panel
  • Dr. Todd Frisch New Eyes on an Old Problem
  • Frank Gaffney The Chinese Communist Party, the World Health Organization and Other Threats to Your Health and Sovereignty
  • Dr. Paul Tai How to Reverse & Overcome Symptoms of Fatigue, Foggy Thinking, Low Immunity & Weight Loss with Natural Plant Base
  • Ellen Tart-Jensen Assessing and Treating the Four Elimination Channels with Iridology, Nutrition, and Natural Therapies
  • Dr. Mark Zumhagen Dividing Truth - How We Lost Our Medical Freedom, and How We Can Get It Back
  • Melinda Muscroft Bioenergetic Testing Method
  • Jonathan Emord How Public Schools Have Become Places of Indoctrination, Vaccination, Mutilation, and Sex Trafficking
  • Jeffrey Smith The Unprecedented Threats of GMO 2.0 and What You Can Do
  • Bill Sheppard Mastering Your Body and Digestive System to Defy Aging and Live Longer
  • Bill Sheppard How to Eliminate, Prevent, & Reverse The Way Our Body Ages & Dies
  • Dr. Mark Richards Treating the Root Cause of Chronic Disease by Avoiding Governmental and Pharmaceutical Funded Deceptions
  • Dr. Paul Tai Stay Younger, Feel Stronger & Live Longer
  • Dr. Brian Hooker Vax-Unvax: What Does the Science Say
  • Diane Miller Shaping Laws to Protect Health and Healing Rights
  • Dr. Luis Valdez Glutathione: The Molecule that Will Change Everything
  • Dr. John Peldyak The Oronasal Gateway to Robust Good Health
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean RNA RESET: Magnesium, Mitochondria, and the Microbiome
  • Debra Muth - Infection & Toxins Triggering Neurodegenerative Conditions
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean RNA RESET: How Our Food Has Failed Us
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis How to Beat ALL Long-Haulers or Post Covid Syndrome in Six Days
  • Samantha Wendt Understanding Sugar Addiction to Start Breaking Free and Living Vibrantly in Your Life!
  • Randi Shannon The Tongue Does Not Lie
  • Paul Barratiero Reduce Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Repair the Gut with Hydrogen Water
  • Morley Robbins Why Does Everyone - and Their Sister! Need HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) Let's Talk about the P.A.M. Enzyme
  • Morley Robbins Metabolic Syndrome is a GROWING Pandemic on Planet Earth - Why is that And HOW Can Bioavailable Copper Help
  • Mike Debord 20 Minutes a Day to Go Back 20 Years
  • Matthew Wood A Lifetime in Herbal Medicine
  • Joni Abbott Child Trafficking - The Dirtiest Secret in Family Court Today
  • Tracy Teclaw and Jaime Doise Enhancing your Practice with Bioenergetics
  • Troy Aupperle Peak Performance
  • Michael Moor The Absolute Wildly Inexpensive Way to Gain Health and Lose Weight
  • Robert Scott Bell and Dr. Bryan Ardis Countering Venon Pathology / Warning: Beware of Serpents in Medicine

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