Human Microbiome

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Description:  The 'Skin Twins' want to take you on an adventure to the world of the Microbiome. You will discover that we are all, in fact, just 40% human (the remaining 60% is microbes) and learn how this remarkable revelation could lead to both understanding what is behind the chronic disease epidemic, and, therefore, how we could potentially solve it. Advanced healthcare systems should mean that we should be the healthiest generation in history, so why are problems like allergies getting worse? The twins will give you a glimpse of where the problems in our current environment might lie, and a brief taste of what the solutions may be. So, join us as we reveal why the microbiome could be the missing piece of the puzzle, and show you why the latest research on the skin microbiome in particular needs to become an integral part of a successful Health Practitioner's business. It is our mission to spread our research and services to transform the lives of millions of people!

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Author Biography:  Known by TV audiences as The 'Skin Twins', Sam and Kit believe that the reason they were put on this planet was to help reverse the chronic disease epidemic bedeviling America. With a mission to transform the lives of millions of people, the twins were originally called to service by their mother's struggle against severe skin problems. Following extensive research, they founded the Skin Microbiome School, with their mission being to "educate everyone across the world on the potential power of the Skin Microbiome for whole body health." Sam, a Nuclear Astrophysicist, and Kit, a Planetary Geophysicist, uncovered a link between the microbiome and the disturbing rise in chronic health problems in the West, and in conjunction with leading European Research Universities, developed a range of skin supplements as an important component in the battle to solve this crisis. They are now world-leading published authors on the Skin Microbiome.

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