Anatomy & Physiology 2

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Description:  These lectures are from HP120-Human Biological Systems. This course discusses the anatomy and physiology of six of the eleven organ systems. The systems discussed in this course include: Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, and Reproductive. You will understand these systems, their structures and functions, as well as some common conditions and presentations you may see in practice.

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Eligible for 5.5 hours of ANWPB CEUs.

Author Biography:  Dr. Jason Ameling graduated from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri as a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. He has been a practicing Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, and Acupuncturist since 2008. Dr. Ameling is not only skilled in Chiropractic adjusting but also total mind, body, and spirit balancing. In practice he focuses on heart health, functional blood chemistry, pH balancing, and reduction of inflammatory processes. In 2017, Dr. Ameling became a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy which further expanded his knowledge of assessment and care protocols. Dr. Ameling began teaching in 2011 for both public and private colleges and universities. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with students and patients alike. He regularly speaks at health conventions as well as public education classes. Dr. Ameling is the proud father of two amazing boys. He loves spending time with them, his wife, and friends.

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