Down Syndrome Supporting the Unique Needs of the Chromosomally Enhanced

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Description:  This lecture explains the types of Down syndrome and gives some history of the condition along with facts, preferred terminology and socio-emotional aspects. Commonly encountered health conditions and the widespread effects of gene overexpression are addressed in detail, with frequent references and links to scientific research. Supplements and support strategies are discussed, and listeners will be empowered, learning that there is so much that can be done naturally to optimize the health of individuals with Down syndrome.
Running Time: 2:11:32
Eligible for 2.25 hour(s) of ANWPB CEUs.

Author Biography:  Jill Wright holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Combined Sciences, is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and is a current Trinity student. An advocate in the Down syndrome and medical freedom communities, she is especially passionate about supporting individuals with Down syndrome as well as children with growth and toxicity concerns. It was after her youngest daughter was born with Down syndrome that she began alternative health pursuits in earnest, and she has witnessed firsthand the many successes of holistic approaches within her own family, the special needs community, and beyond. As a veteran home educator and mother of six, Jill embraces a lifestyle of learning and continues to marvel at God's abundant provision in the natural world around us. She lives with her husband and five youngest children in rural Northeast Ohio, where she sees local and remote clients on a limited basis.

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