Common Disease States, Prescribed Medications & Natural Supplements

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Description:  A person will learn and understand that diseases, prescribed medications, and natural supplements may work together or may work against each other in a human body. This may lead to benefiting a person's health or, potentially, worsening an existing condition. This lecture does not contain every disease, medication, or supplement that exists.
Running Time: 42:47
Eligible for 0.75 hour(s) of ANWPB CEUs.

Author Biography:  Doctor Russell began his career in healthcare as a certified nurse aid in 1992. This led to attending Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy in 1996 where he received a Bachelor in Pharmacy followed by a Doctor of Pharmacy. In 2011, the hospital he was working for gave him tuition assistance to attend Saint Louis University, School of Law at night. That tuition assistance along with the G.I. Bill led to a Juris Doctor degree to practice as an attorney. He has worked as a pharmacist for the U.S. Public Health Service, in various hospital settings, and in retail pharmacy. He currently works as an attorney in healthcare litigation. Doctor Russell is a licensed pharmacist in Illinois and Missouri and an attorney at law in Missouri.

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