Sandra Diaz, ND

Sandra's Story

Soma Ortho Energy Therapy

It all started 26 years ago when my second child had severe pain in his knees and no doctor was able to diagnose or find why this was happening. All the medical tests were showing that he was completely fine and within normal parameters. After many years of all types of treatments and prescription drugs without any results, I decided to find guidance in learning alternative ways of healing. I started studying Iridology and Herbology to find a way of identifying the cause of his pain and address it in a natural way. I started using herbs that helped him feel better while also showing a big improvement in his pain, though it was never totally gone. While looking for another natural technique, I came across a phrase from the KI institute that caught my attention: "Pain is nothing more than energy not flowing." For me, that made total sense because we are energy encapsulated in the body of matter; if that energy is stuck for some reason and is not flowing properly, it will manifest as pain. I decided to study KI IKI JUTSU, which is the study of physics of the bioelectrical energy system within the man. When I incorporated what I had learned, together with the herbs, my son recovered completely in a very short period. From that day on, I felt he was what led me to a new path that has been my passion ever since.

I love so many aspects of natural health, but, to me, the most important is that I am providing an alternative and effective way for anyone that is in need to restore their wellbeing. By working with the physical and energetic aspect of the person, I can help them balance the physical and emotional body to restore the unity that was lost and is, therefore, creating a blockage that translates into a deterioration of their health. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I get a call from someone who used to be in pain from how toxic the body was, but after doing my assessment and following my recommendations, is now pain-free and happy. I love the emails and letters of gratitude that I receive. I love that God inspires me in every client to know the best recommendation and, above all, I love that I feel happy that I am fulfilling the path God put in my way 26 years ago.

The education I received from Trinity has helped me more accurately profile the client's health so I can make, with more certainty, the proper recommendations to address their weakness to restore their health in a natural, non-invasive way. Now I use the Reams pH analysis. As Dr. Reams said, "Why guess when you can be sure?" I have also incorporated the principles from Dr. Bernard Jensen in his book, "The Chemistry of Man," as he said, "We are the dust of the earth, the same basic chemical elements of which the earth is made." I am grateful that I learned about this school and for the knowledge I have acquired.