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Rebekah Araromi, ND, CNHP

Rebekah's Story

Gilgal Health Initiative

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 invasive carcinoma on my left breast in 2001. I was completely healed through natural therapies, including a diet change, juicing, exercise, and a few supplements. After my healing, the news went around my country, Nigeria, and many people started calling me to know how I became well. This was the beginning of my love for natural health. This is my 19th year and, by God's grace and my continuity in my changed lifestyle, I have not had a single reoccurrence of the ugly situation.

I opened a Wellness Center in the Northern part of my country before I heard about Trinity School of Natural Health. I came to the United States and received my CNHP in 2013 and then later received my ND via online courses in October 2017. Since I graduated from Trinity, my practice has taken a new turn. People were more confident to consult with me, knowing fully well that I am no longer teaching them only what I experienced but also what I learned through education. We have more recorded successes, as more people naturally recover from their illnesses. I also started a monthly Health Club where people come every 3rd Sunday of the month to learn about their responsibilities to be healthy. God has blessed our work and we now have our own building for the center. We also accommodate people who need to learn about how to change their diet and recuperate while they practice what we teach them. Presently, I have about 10 staff on our payroll. I have also published a book on the testimony of my healing and the power of natural therapies titled "TERMITES IN THE PRESIDENTIAL VILLA." Praise God.

Since starting my wellness center, I have become passionate about people suffering from cancer and I am always happy to see them encouraged and receiving hope for living when they hear my testimony. I love to see people recover after faithfully following what we teach them. One of my clients has had two children after her recovery naturally. This is the Lord's doing.

Trinity School of Natural Health gave me the knowledge needed to teach natural health with confidence and to stand and teach with the assurance that whoever is faithful to what was taught will be made whole again. Moreover, I can now stand as a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Naturopath. I have already submitted my documents to be registered as alternative medical personnel in my nation of Nigeria, West Africa.