Mary Olodun, CNHP, LEHP, BCNHP, ND

Mary's Story

Trilera Holistic Care, LLC

I grew up very sickly because I loved sugar and milk. No one knew the devastation it would have on my health because, prior to my generation, people didn't have access to processed candy and foods or homogenized dairy products. Eating these products became a normal and acceptable lifestyle. My single parent had no idea why her baby girl was always sitting in a Chicago doctor's waiting room, hoping to find a bit of relief from fevers, allergies, and viruses running rampant in her body.

These episodes led me towards an affinity to be a healthcare practitioner, to prevent another child from missing 56 school days in a year, as I had experienced. I became a practical nurse in 1988 and worked as an LPN for the years that followed with great anticipation to see people healed. As a healthcare practitioner in the allopathic world, I would see one cycle after another of the same people, with the same problems, returning time and again without any real relief or healing from their ailments.

I was driven to study American health history to try to figure out how we can be the leaders in medical technology in many areas of healthcare, yet have some of the worse health per capita in the world. This is when I became interested in natural health; after doing my research, I learned that it was what I was in search of my entire life - a way of guiding people into true healing, as well as myself.

I graduated as a Naturopath in 2013 after eight years of study, due to my military involvement. As I was promoted, year after year, in different types of military professions, from intelligence to public affairs, I continued to study, teach, and mentor others in the ways of natural health. I garnered over 100 clients by moonlighting as a natural health professional in the service and led many soldiers and servicemembers towards a true knowledge of self and their health, to make their experiences more heightened in a very heavy and grueling profession. My support was intrinsically rewarding.

Today, I own Trilera Holistic Care, LLC. I started it in November 2019 and opened my office this year, as I transition into military retirement after thirty years of service. THCC is a natural wellness center where people can receive a whole-body assessment, photonics treatment, and enzymatic therapy to help increase their nutrition, immunity, and ability to overcome their ailments holistically. I love helping people heal naturally and actually see results. I love seeing people's lifestyles improve and, along with it, their family's relationships and community empowerment. I love changing our nation's view on what healthcare is supposed to do.

I love Trinity for the following five reasons:
 1. Christian perspective that lines up with my belief system
 2. Scientifically based and holistically balanced
 3. Personal support offered by the school
 4. Professionally engaging . keeps us aware of the latest developments
 5. Ease to connect folks to different modalities that suit their interests; many options to choose