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Marty Rhea, ND, MH, CNC

Marty's Story

Prevention & Healing of Texas

I've always been an "outside the box" thinker. As a young adult, I became disillusioned with what seemed to me as promises broken by conventional medicine. I started looking at other ways of doing things. I did all this in baby steps, because there was no internet at the time, and I didn.t even know where to look to find information. I stumbled along, finding bits and pieces of things that then led to the next thing and so on for years. The one thing that remained true for me was that I was always eager to learn, and always seeing if there was a better way.

I am very proud of becoming a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor through the ANMCB. I am also very grateful for a number of mentors that have helped me along the way, so that I could become a useful practitioner and help others learn a better way for themselves, without taking as long as I did.

I love people and I love solving puzzles. There is no such thing as cookbook health answers, and by that I mean: person A has this problem and I did 1+2+4, which made them feel better, so when person B shows up with that same challenge, I look at them like an entirely new puzzle. They may need very different answers than person A. Recipes may work sometimes, but they rarely cover every instance of a particular challenge.

I also love that people are triune beings, like their Maker. All aspects of a person must be addressed in order for that person to restore their health. I would not be a holistic practitioner if I did not touch on and discuss spiritual, emotional, as well as physical aspects of a healthy life.

I love those light-bulb moments when someone discovers that their own puzzle really is solvable and it may not chain them to a life of medications, with some healthy choices being a better answer for them.

Trinity is what filled in the blanks for me and made me feel like I had come home. Listening to the instructors present when I became a Certified Natural Health Practitioner made the picture complete for me. I quickly decided that I would go on and enter the ND program and complete that part of my training while holding down a full-time job. I just devoured the information. Trinity gave me what I had been looking for. My education opened the door to having my own practice where I can help all kinds of people with all kinds of problems.