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Kelly Cullen, ND, CNHP, CHS

Kelly's Story

Natural Wellness Ministries

When I was 11 years old, I started suffering from chronic headaches and digestive issues. I took pain killers every day for 12 years until I went to see a Naturopath. She helped me understand the root cause of my issues and taught me how to support my own body to achieve better health. I started to understand that health isn't about covering up symptoms, but about making better choices as far as what I eat and how I choose to live my life. The improvement in my own health is what sparked my interest in natural health, which later grew into a passion.

After I graduated from the Naturopathic program at Trinity School of Natural Health, I was able to successfully start a business (Pleasant Wellness in Central Michigan), opened an office, and have been pointing my clients toward better health ever since. Last fall, I attended a Business Expo through the Chamber of Commerce, and my booth was awarded first place due to the ZYTO scan that I offered and my ability to make recommendations based on their results.

The thing I love most about my work is seeing the difference in peoples' lives. When they get that "aha" moment and all the pieces start coming together, I get fired up. I never thought I could actually find a job that I love and look forward to.

Trinity School of Natural Health has opened my eyes to some concepts in natural health that I had previously never heard of. I was a Nutritional Consultant before attending Trinity, and now the difference in my ability to help people is like night and day. I have so many more tools in my pocket and a far greater depth of understanding. The ND program was wonderful and extremely pragmatic, as the skills and content are genuinely applicable to clients in real-life situations. There's additional great learning from the Legacy Summit and post-graduation classes. The "gift that keeps on giving" is the added bonus of the support offered post-graduation via the Trinity School of Natural Health Facebook page. Once you join Trinity, it truly feels like adoption into a caring and sincere family.