Heather Giertuga, CNHP, CCHS, CFAM

Heather's Story

Inside Out Holistic Health

I started to take a real interest in natural health when I decided to start a family. After watching my family and friends’ health start to decline, then my own, followed by my children, I realized that there had to be another way to truly heal without doing collateral damage to our bodies. I did so much research on my own for years. It has been a long, sometimes difficult journey, but I am so grateful for the path I have been on for the last twelve years.

After receiving my CNHP from Trinity, I continued my education to receive my Master of Facial Analysis, Clinical Homeopathic Specialist, and Business Essentials certifications. Afterwards, I opened my own private practice called “Inside Out Holistic Health.” I was also so honored to be chosen as the Spotlight Graduate for the Robert Scott Bell Show! I have also taken part in local wellness events and have offered health webinars and seminars.

I love everything about what I do. I love helping people learn about ways to support their bodies and achieve true healing. I love teaching them things about health that they didn't know. I love watching them reach their own goals and feeling better. I love gaining their trust and supporting them along the way. I love being able to offer suggestions that will not cause collateral damage. I love investigating and getting to the root of their health concerns. I love watching the body's miraculous ability to heal!

I am so grateful to Trinity for offering me far beyond my expectations in natural health. I had no idea that the instructors would be so knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. The programs were very cost-efficient, which allowed me to take a few different programs. The timeframe in which designations could be earned was very reasonable. The coursework was challenging and useful. The Health Freedom Expo was beyond exceptional! My education through Trinity allowed me to achieve my hopes and dreams..and this is just the beginning!