Guillermo Caal, ND, CNHP

Guillermo's Story

Greater Cincinnati Natural Health

When my oldest son was five years old, he was diagnosed with asthma. His episodes were severe enough that we had to visit the ER a few times. This raised my level of stress considerably. I couldn't relax, especially when he had to go to different activities without us.

I consulted multiple doctors and specialists, and all of them had a similar response: "there is no known cure" and "your son has to use two inhalers indefinitely." Not satisfied, I started researching non-mainstream options. This took me on a long journey in which I became passionately interested in alternative and natural healing methods. Eventually, a friend recommended I look up Trinity School of Natural Health. I did and was instantly hooked!

Since I graduated from Trinity it has been a fantastic ride!

Firstly, my family's health has significantly improved. My son, who suffered from severe asthma, doesn't even need an inhaler anymore. My wife, who suffered from multiple health issues including very low weight, is now in better shape than ever and has gained 25 pounds that she really needed.

I opened Greater Cincinnati Natural Health ( in Mason OH, with a deep desire to help others who wanted to improve their health using safe, natural and energetic approaches. The results have been great and I am deeply thankful for that.

In my practice, I frequently see people that have tried all the mainstream approaches without success. In the beginning, it was difficult for them to believe that simple, natural and safe approaches will have any impact. I love dedicating time to show them how that is possible. I mention, for instance, that their own hands are a miracle of engineering that even the best doctors or engineers cannot replicate. And even so, their own body created them and maintains their functioning. I tell them that the body has amazing capabilities to create, recreate and heal itself, and the secret is to know how to leverage those capabilities.

Of course, I love to see the results after they implement lifestyle changes and we address their imbalances. I love seeing pains disappear, fatigue dissipate, and blood tests normalize. I love to see my clients empowered by knowing that their own bodies can show them how to be healthy, and ultimately enjoy life more.

Trinity was the foundation that allowed me to achieve what I have been able to do so far. I learned that being healthy is possible, even in what may appear as the worst-case scenario. I learned that natural ways of addressing health issues can be very powerful and that the body has an inherent knowledge of what it needs.