Erin Hession, ND, CNHP, CHS

Erin's Story

The Relatable Health Coach, LLC

In 2014, I was stressed, overworked and overweight.I had no boundaries in my life and I was very sick. I was so lost in the Standard American Diet that I was starting down the path of having the standard American diseases. My wake-up call came fast when I visited my Osteopath and realized that I needed help. My labs indicated that I was dealing with PCOS, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, insulin resistance, impaired renal function, liver disease, gallstones, pancreatitis, anemia, gluten sensitivities, hormone imbalances, dehydration, and nutritional deficiencies. Over that next year, I changed my whole lifestyle and eating habits, dropped 70 pounds, used lots of supplements to help with nutritional gaps and learned what foods my body needed to function properly. Most of my labs returned to normal & I was no longer addicted to things that no longer served me. In April of 2016, I was having a lot of joint and muscle pain though and it didn't make sense to me. Why would I feel worse after getting so healthy? I knew something wasn't right and eventually, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme. As I detoxed the Lyme, I found out that I had also been exposed to mold which triggered mast cell activation disorder. My food allergies were unreal, I could only safely eat about 13 foods, and I was having reactions to just about everything. It was a very scary time in my life but thankfully, today my Lyme is in remission, my mold labs are improving, and my mast cell is well managed. I had several NDs along my journey who helped me so much that I wanted to know everything that they were taught. In 2017, I decided to go back to school, at the age of 37. As intimidating as it was, I knew it would help me learn how to heal myself & that I was being called to help others in the ways that my naturopaths helped me. Many people have told me how relatable my health journey story is and so I became "The Relatable Health Coach." In 2019, I received my CHS and CNHP from Trinity, and in 2021, I received my Doctor of Naturopathy diploma from Trinity as well.

Since graduating from Trinity, I became Board Certified from the AANWP in 2021 and I have helped hundreds of clients reclaim their lives through my virtual practice, The Relatable Health Coach, LLC. I offer holistic health and wellness consultations, lifestyle recommendations, affordable testing, GI mapping, functional lab reviews, professional-grade supplements, remote energy healing and Bach Flower consultations. I am also the Admin for a Facebook group called Gluten Free Low Sugar Living which now has over 8,000 members worldwide and we share recipes that are gluten free and low sugar with modification recommendations.

I absolutely LOVE knowing that I have had a hand in changing other people's lives for the better. Trinity gave me the knowledge I needed to learn about the basics of good health & wellness so that I can quickly spot foundational issues in my client's intake forms. Sometimes it's something as simple as a client not being well hydrated enough that is causing a whole host of downstream effects that are all connected, but they just haven't realized it yet and none of their other doctors have even thought to ask about their hydration levels! Other times I have more complicated cases and I've used my Trinity background to dig deeper into their health issues through thorough testing to find the more serious root cause(s) of their symptoms.

Trinity's instructors are fantastic and deep dive into each course topic from a holistic standpoint. They give their students a lot of valuable information and things to consider for various client issues and I love that I can always refer to my notes from all my past courses at any given time. I'm thankful for all their knowledge and advice along the way. Each instructor was so amazing to work with and they were always quick to reply if I ever had any questions. When anyone asks where I went to school to become an ND, I proudly tell them I'm a Trinity grad!