Channa Rist, CZS

Channa's Story

Valley Vitality Wellness

With years of experience in the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse, I've witnessed the challenges and shortcomings of our current system. As a nurse, I've seen the disconnect between pharmaceutical solutions and preventative education. Too often, individuals are prescribed medications to treat symptoms without understanding the root causes of their health issues.

I've always had an interest in health and holistic approaches. I thought that nursing would offer me more of an opportunity to grow, educate, and help those wanting an alternative approach. Instead, I encountered limitations in time and resources, hindering my ability to give patients the individualized attention they deserve.

After seeing so many of the same problems, situations, and "frequent flyers" in the hospital, I became fed up and sought to learn more about alternative approaches to health rather than the prescription based sick care that the current system upholds.

After graduating from Trinity, I have started my own business, networked with like-minded individuals in my community, and am able to truly help others achieve better wellness. I love that I am actually able to help others around me. I now have the time to listen, educate, and empower others to manage their health. I love that I can teach other people that they are not confined to what their insurance company subscribes them to and that there are other options to increase vitality and wellness that are accessible and affordable.

Valley Vitality Wellness is my response to a long issue I've been struggling with— helping those who have been trapped in the sick care loop their insurance companies have provided them. My belief in providing digestible education and prevention led me to create Valley Vitality Wellness. Through the Certified ZYTO Specialist Program Trinity has helped me achieve this dream.