Your Natural Health Journey Starts Now!
Your Natural Health Journey Starts Now!

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Do you want to learn about natural health options for yourself and your family? Are you interested in a career in natural health? Maybe you’re a seasoned practitioner with a desire to expand your knowledge and implement new techniques into your practice. Whatever the case may be, May 27th could be the day you take your first steps toward your goals!

Why Choose Trinity

Student success is our top priority at Trinity School of Natural Health. Our instructors, who collectively have more than 100 years of practice experience, are always on hand to guide you through our comprehensive curriculum. Our programs are entirely online, giving you freedom and flexibility, while providing structure to keep you on track for completion. Trinity’s extensive natural health education provides you with hope, solutions, and support to improve your life and transform the world.

What Classes to Take

All of our programs are enrolling for the May 27 term. Not sure which program to choose? Here is a rundown:

Health Coach
Do you love to encourage others to live healthier, happier lifestyles? This program is for you! Through two 4-week courses, you’ll dive into all the essentials from how the body systems can be optimized with lifestyle changes to coaching fundamentals and business strategies. You'll learn several natural health practices including pH balancing, Bach Flowers, physical observations, and Iridology. By the time you’ve completed these courses, you’ll know how to evaluate client needs and make safe, effective lifestyle recommendations.

Ready to empower others? Enroll now!

Certified Natural Health Professional
Start your journey into natural health fundamentals by enrolling in the Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) program. This thorough and invaluable program consists of ten 4-week courses, covering wholesome cooking and shopping to the human body systems, and so much more. CNHP serves as the foundation to our more advanced Certified Holistic Health Practitioner program, but is also an excellent standalone certificate for those who wish to apply core naturopathic concepts to a private practice, wellness center or a natural products retail business. This program prepares you to care for yourself, your family, and your community.

Ready to build your natural health foundation? Enroll now!




Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Have you already completed the CNHP program? Are you currently certified in natural health and looking to build onto that foundation? Look no further than the Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP) program! Nine 4-week courses will have you digging deeper into the practical applications of natural health principles. You’ll learn how to use the tools and techniques of successful natural health practitioners. CHHP also covers various health concerns and recommendations for specific client groups, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, internal conditions (such as Lyme disease), Herbology, and much more. If you’ve ever been curious about energetic mud-packing or cryotherapy, Bach Flowers or Homeopathy, CHHP has all the answers.

Ready to dig deeper? Enroll Now!

Additional specialized programs:
Certified Aromatherapy Specialist
Certified Flower Essence Specialist
Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist
Certified Master Herbalist
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Certified Master Iridologist

How to Get Started

Enrollment is open through May 24 with classes beginning on May 27. Head over to the Trinity School of Natural Health website to browse our programs and enroll online or give our Enrollment Specialists a call. It is our privilege to assist you in pursuing your natural health goals!





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